Monday, July 05, 2010

Knappogue Castle

Knappogue Castle is a popular attraction in County Clare and host to regular "Medieval Night" dinners. Built in 1467, it has a long and varied history. After having been owned by a local farmer in the 1920's, it was acquired in 1966 by Mark Edwin Andrews of Houston Texas, and restored to it's present state. There are a few in-depth histories of the castle on-line, and they are well worth reading.

Here is a view of the tower from the court-yard:

A doorway leading to the banquet hall:

Nice lighting through-out. Maybe next time, we'll visit at night, when everything is lit up as it would have been 500+ years ago...

Window in the great room.

The great room.

View from the gardens, which probably would have looked a lot better if not for the severe Irish winter of 2009-10, which killed off a lot of hedges and plantings.

Next up: Some Irish beaches.

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