Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ireland, 2010 - Quin Abbey

Quin Abbey was built between 1402 and 1433 by Sioda Cam MacNamara. According to the care-taker, it was built to pay tribute to God for having saved MacNamara's son from drowning in a near-by lake.

An impressive grave marker in the cemetery.

The cloisters.

Just one of many intriguing staircases in the abbey. We did get a bit lost while exploring the abbey, which is free to the public (as are all the others I've posted about so far), and visitors can roam about to their heart's content.

This is one of the upper-level rooms. It's strange to climb a few sets of stairs and seen green grass when you emerge.

A school tour arrived as we were finishing up. They were not allowed on the upper levels, so I teased them a bit.

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karl said...

Hey, I like ruins, too!

Great photos -- you deserve a comment and a thank you. Keep up the good work.