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More Photos

Actors Natalie Wood and Tab Hunter arriving at the 28th Academy Awards with gossip writer Louella Parsons in background, 1956

Actor Sal Mineo with actress Gigi Perreau signing autographs at the 1956 premiere of "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit"
SIGNING UP-- Youthful Actor Sal Mineo signs autographs as his date for the premiere, Actress Gigi Perreau, left, waits. Miss Perreau is in premiered film, "The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit." Film opened last night at Grauman's Chinese.

 Actor Rock Hudson lounging on couch at his home in Los Angeles, Calif., 1974

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More LADN Photos

17 year old Mia Farrow holding Peyton Place newspaper as she waits for contract approval in Santa Monica courthouse, 1964
CONTRACT APPROVED-Mia Farrow, 17, daughter of Maureen O'Sullivan, appears at Santa Monica Superior Court to have 20th Century -Fox contract for TV series based on "Peyton Place" approved.

Actor Billy Barty at home with his daughter and son in Los Angeles, Calif., 1976
LITTLE FAMILY--Actor Billy Barty, son Braden and daughter Laurie, along with Barty's wife Shirley, spend a lot of time at home together, often accompanied by family dog, Muffin.

Actor Jack Webb speaking with cinematographer Walter Strenge on the set of "Dragnet '66," in Calif., 1966
DUM-DE-DUM-DUM-Jack Webb, center, confers with cinematographer Walter Strenge, left, and crewman Ray Bensfield on set of "Dragnet '66."

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Los Angeles Daily News Photos

Actor and singer Eddie Cantor, left, and movie producer and mogul Samuel Goldwyn, right. The photo was likely taken in conjunction with a suit brought by Goldwyn against Warner Bros. Pictures, in order to prevent the studio from using dance director and choreographer Busby Berkeley, until Berkeley completed a picture for Goldwyn starring Cantor. Berkeley was under contract to Warner Brothers, but the two studios had an agreement that he would work on two pictures per year for Goldwyn. Cantor testified for Goldwyn in the suit on May 4, 1934

Actor Clark Gable seated, surrounded by group of five men, circa 1937

Actress Susan Cabot with three kittens, circa 1950

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How to Make an Electric Guitar

Fun Fact: C.C. Beck was the creator and artist of the original Captain Marvel.