Monday, February 08, 2010


A nearly lost art that was quite common, once upon a time. Selected pages from the Speedball Text Book, probably available at most art and/or stationary stores, 50+ years ago. Our local stationary store closed a few years ago. I miss it.

A couple of recommendations; the film "Helvetica" is a fascinating look at modern typography. Also, if you're ever in the Massachusetts North Shore area, a trip to the Museum of Printing in North Andover is a must for fans of type and typography.

Finally, a heads up: some of the images below are a bit politically incorrect. Sensitives types may want to skip this post.

I love the "Carnival" style!

The Museum of Printing has the original drawings for the "Times New Roman" font that is so familiar to users of Microsoft Word.

Some border designs.


Petra said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing.

Will said...

I'm enjoying the hell out of your blog!

Will @ AJRMS