Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dell Map Backs

A batch of the wonderful Dell "Map Back" books. First published in 1943, they ran numbers 1 through about #550, when the maps were no longer featured on the backs. Numbers 1-5 were also map-less, although a later printing of #4 ("The American Gun Mystery") did have a map.

Number 55, The DA's Daughter by Herman Peterson.

Number 111, Greenmask by Jefferson Farjeon. Joseph Jefferson Farjeon (June 4, 1883--June 6, 1955) was a decendent of Thomas Jefferson. A prolific author of mysteries, he wrote over 80 novels.

Number 135, Meat for Murder by Lange Lewis.


Mr. Door Tree said...


Ya beat me to the punch! Some great scans of covers from one of my favorite series of paperback books! There's nothing like a Dell Mapback!

Though the back cover maps were few and far between after #550the Mapbacks did continue...the latest one I have is #782 The Red Lamp by M.R. Rinehart that even has the Keyhole logo!

Marble River said...

More mapbacks to come Mr. Door Tree. Of course, many of these were acquired at the fabulous Milford Flea Market!